About Ewan Anderson

Ewan Anderson has had a lifetime interest in trees and drawing. During his career in geography he continued drawing particularly through cartography. Some of his research projects concerned trees. For example, in Oman he measured dewfall as a water source for Prosopis sp. trees. Since his retirement from academe in 2001, Ewan has been working on his technique, drawing exclusively in the field (en plein air) and trying to balance the botanical and the artistic. In his drawings, Ewan hopes to encapsulate the spirit, character and gesture of the trees. He has received training through the Glasgow School of Art and is thought by the Royal Horticultural Society to be the only artist in Britain currently drawing and painting tree portraits.

He draws predominantly in pencil but there are trees in the collection produced using pastels, water colours and oils.

Rosemary Baillon helps with the various tree programmes and keeps records of pictures and prints completed. She catalogues the tree book collection and has worked with Ewan for the past 30 years. She was his research fellow at both Durham and Exeter universities. Prior to this, she was Assistant to the Director of the Natural History Museum in London. She has an interest in all aspects of natural history.

Ian Cool has worked with Ewan and Rosemary for many years, producing maps and diagrams to illustrate Ewan’s books and papers. Contact: ian.cool2@virgin.net.